Know your money more to make better life!

Track Daily Expense

No matter using Android or iPhone,
you can track every expense, income, transfer record.

Budget management

You can set mnthly budget according to your category.
Budget exceed alert help you control your expense.


Realtime Expense Report

Find the highest expense, average expense.
Get the statistic report(pie chart, bar chart, curve chart....)

Category management

You can add, delete or modify the category according to your need.
(Expense, Income, Transfer)

Account management

Multiple account can be set for you.
Expense also can be tag to differenct project.
You can know your asset totally.

Multiple Currencies

You can use different currencies outside to billing on abroad.
Currency rates can be synced with google currency.

Cross platform

Syncd on different platform
Android, iPhone, Web

No matter using Android, iPad or desktop, you can download AndroMoney mobile app, or using AndroMoney web cloud service. Tracking your expense and syncing the data with mobile and web.


Data security
PIN code to open app, and your financial data will always safe.

Even if your device has a meltdown, your stuff is always safe and can be restored.

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2013 Google Play effeciency tools
2014 Goolge Play 30 best apps


AndroMoney is a personal finance tool for use on your mobile phone,
By using this tool, we hope you can better manage your wealth.

We focus on:
1.Ease of use: keep it intuitive to operate
2.Powerful:daily accounting, managing categories, or even drawing detail reports, AndroMoney can easily manage it.

We hope AndroMoney will be the best personal finance tool on Android iOS Web!
If you have any problems about how to use it or ideas about how to improve it, feel free to email us. We appreciate your feedback!